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Eternal Scream

Morticia Addams Water Bottle

Morticia Addams Water Bottle

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🖤Intense Black Color: The bottle has a deep and enigmatic black finish, which captures the essence of the night. This dark shade blends perfectly with the gothic aesthetic and adds a touch of elegance to your dark mornings.

🖤Perfect Capacity: With a capacity of 800 milliliters, it is large enough for your daily dose of coffee and compact enough to take with you everywhere.

🖤At-Home Laser Engraving: On the front of the bottle, you'll find the laser-engraved phrase: "What a Dark and Dreadful Morning, Time for a Coffee." This quote, inspired by Morticia Addams, adds a touch of humor and mystery to your mornings, reminding you that coffee is your companion in the darkest hours.


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