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Eternal Scream

Three Wise Skulls

Three Wise Skulls

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🖤 Three Wise Skulls Frames Collection : No See No Hear No Talk.

🖤 How do I hang the frame on the wall? Each frame has a hole in the back you just have to put it in the hook you put on the wall!

🖤 What are the dimensions of the frame? The dimensions are 21cm high 15.5cm wide 4cm thick ; 8.26772 inches x 5.90551 inches x 1.5748 inches. Large enough to grab attention, but compact enough to fit in various areas of your home.

🖤 Preparation time: 1-2 business days

🖤What machines are used to manufacture this frame? Are the machines used environmentally friendly?
We use two machines to manufacture this frame: Bambu Lab X1 Carbon and Creality K1 Max. These machines are very special because they use less energy and produce less waste than other machines. This means they are better for the environment.

🖤Can I request the frame in another color? Yes, you can! Send us a message!
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