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Eternal Scream

Stuck in the wall white edition

Stuck in the wall white edition

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🖤 Introducing our mesmerizing Three-Dimensional Gothic Sculpted Face Frame! This extraordinary piece seems to emerge from the shadows, captivating all who lay eyes upon it.
The intricately detailed expression on the face evokes a sense of mystery and fascination.

🖤 Hanging them up is a breeze too, thanks to the convenient mounting bracket on the back. With its perfect size, these frames are guaranteed to stand out in any space. At 21cm high, 15.5cm wide, and 4cm thick, they're large enough to catch attention while remaining compact enough to fit in various areas of your home. If you're a Gothic enthusiast, this frame is an absolute must-have.

🖤 We use two machines to manufacture this frame: Bambu Lab X1 Carbon and Creality K1 Max. These machines are very special because they use less energy and produce less waste than other machines. This means they are better for the environment. They also use a special kind of plastic called bioplastic which is made from natural materials like corn and potatoes. Bioplastic is also biodegradable which means it can be broken down naturally by microorganisms without harming the environment.

🖤 Whether you adorn your living room, bedroom, or create your personal gothic corner, it'll undoubtedly become the stunning centerpiece and a topic of conversation. Looking for an exceptional gift? Search no further! This frame is the perfect choice for anyone who appreciates beauty in the unusual. Truly unique and unforgettable, it's a gift that will be cherished and remembered for ages to come.

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